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VitaMaxTM Vitamin C inline filter

Product Information

If you can’t live without your existing showerhead and want the great benefits of the Vitamin C filter, this is for you. Vitamin C dechlorination has a lengthy history. It has been used in EPA and APHA methods for the dechlorination. Sonaki’s Shower Filter releases the exact amount of vitamin to neutralize all chlorine or chloramines as the water passes through the shower filter. When the water is shut off, the filter stops releasing the vitamin. This economy of vitamin release increases the useful life of the filter significantly. Sonaki’s Shower Filter contains roughly about 20 grams of Vitamin C and is capable of neutralizing 0.4 ppm chlorine in 10,000 litters(2,500 gallons) of water. The life time is independent on the temperature and pressure of water. The Sonaki Vitamin C filter removes chlorine or chloramines instantly allowing you to experience no stinky chlorine smell during water useage. The filters have very low maintenance cost ($1 per month) and are easy to install. They also come in an attractive see-through housing. Not plain white like all the others. Product comes in bulk-pack packaging only (no box just plactic sleeve and wrapping) with filter assembly and 1-Vitamin C filter.

Product Description

  • Improves dry, irritated and itchy skin condition caused by chlorine
  • Improves sensitive skin and eczema condition, Reduces chlorine-caused dandruff, makes hair shinier & healthier
  • Removes 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from tap water by using Vitamin C
  • Uses 6 patented technologies. Easy to install and use.
  • Attractive see-through housing that can be used with your existing favorite showerhead

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